Swiss Farmer Bread, makes 4 big loaves

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U is back with her best recipes. Please check it out:

Swiss Farmer Bread

 3 kg flour ( 6.6 lbs)

42 gr fresh yeast ( 1.5 oz)

2.5 dl water warm ( 1 cup)

1.6 Lt water, warm ( 6 cups)

2 teaspoons salt

Put the flour in a large dish, make a well.  Put the yeast into the small amount of water and dissolve it with your hand.

Put the salt on top of the rim of your well, not to touch the yeast right away.  After you incorporate some flour than it is fine for the salt to be incorporated.

Add the dissolved yeast into the well and stir with your hand, add more water and keep mixing until all flour has been incorporated.  Dough has to be moist, but not sticky. Start to knead your dough until smooth, a few minutes.  Than let it rest for a couple of hours  until it rises and is double its size.  Take the dough out of the dish and make four loaves, put on cookie sheet.  Cut design if interested.  Let stand until the oven is hot.  Bake at 400 F for one hour, or until golden brown.  You will have delicious farmers bread.  You can cut the recipe for smaller amounts of bread.















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